Vanzilla is the new "Jose Venezuela's Bus"

August 31, 2016- Edit

Nicknames Edit

"The Car", "Annoying Van", "Boring Vanzilla", "Just A Car"


On a blue background, we see Vanzilla appear, and the text VANZILLA come in.

Variants Edit

  • On recent prints of early episodes of "The Loud House: Vanzilla Adventures", there is a short version and the font for "VANZILLA" is in Lilita One. This also appeared on recent prints of episodes of Disney Junior shows, but it's in Lato.
  • There is a longer variant where on a black background, clouds appear, which make the background go blue, and the clouds disappear, causing Vanzilla to appear.
  • After the Vanzilla logo fades out to black on Higglytown The Movie, it still says "JOSE VENEZUELA'S BUS PRESENTS". They are hoping to replace it with "VANZILLA PRESENTS" on January 1, 2017.
  • There is a variant on two 2007 episodes of "Planes: The Series" that says "(c) MMVII Disney Enterprises Inc.".
  • On one episode of Planes The Series, the 2006 Jose Venezuela's Bus logo can be seen for a split second before suddenly cut to this logo.
  • On syndie prints of Vanzilla shows, the background is red.

Music/Sounds Edit

  • The music "Bossa Story"
  • The ending theme of the show.

Music/Sounds Variants Edit

  • On early episodes of "Planes: The Series", the music continues through the Buena Vista logo! This could be due to a bad plaster error.
  • Sometimes, nether the 2000 or 2006 Jose Venezuela's Bus music can be heard due to a reverse plaster error.

Availability Edit

Brand new. It is usually seen on Tyson TV (as early as August 31, 2016), It debuted on new Vanzilla shows on Tyson TV, such as The Boy on the Moon.

Scare Factor Edit

Bossa Story: None to low. The music might give you a confusion. But however, one might be annoyed because it plastering older logos. Low to medium for those who are expecting the Jose Venezuela's Bus logo.

Closing Theme: None.

2007 Copyright: Low to medium. The copyright might scare little toddlers.

Long Variant: Medium to high, bordering on nightmare, because the clouds might be scary.